Being a teen isn’t easy these days, and parenting a teen can be even harder.

Come join our new #203 born, oft- overlooked community to support you in empowering your tween/ teen while keeping yourself sane. Introducing MiddleMeets (MM) by G.
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    Your teenager is struggling with so much. So are you. The demands and challenges that can significantly impact their well-being.

    You know you need to help yourself (and thus, your teen) to take care of themselves in a healthy, productive way, but you have no clue where to begin, and it feels like a daily crapshoot. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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    Topics covered at MM via local companies and individuals:
    (i.e., therapists, coaches, educators, etc.) 

    • Anxiety and depression often arise due to academic stress, social pressures, and uncertainties about the future. 
    • High academic expectations and competitive college admissions have your teen believing the SATs are life or death.
    • Body image concerns and the development of eating disorders may be bubbling up and there’s a constant worry that substance abuse could become a coping mechanism. 
    • Fluctuating self-esteem, academic pressure, bullying, socials and the influence of peer pressure add to the complexity.

    A solution?

    A community of fellow loving, fun parents determined to empower their teens and the resources to ensure we survive and thrive

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    What people are saying

    I love working with Georgette. She's a connector, she's intuitive, and she facilitates wonderful discussions. We had so much fun producing a livestream today on mental health in the LGBTQ+ community, parenting and what it means to be an ally.
    “Thanks for always keeping this real Georgette”
    It was amazing! I loved everything that was shared and just that feeling like I'm not alone in my struggles helped a ton!
    Grateful for all of the amazing parenting navigation tools out there!
    Thank you so much Georgette!!! Tonight was great and was happy to make a few connections. I look forward to the next meetup.